I'm a 30 year old police officer who has really bad asthma. Seems like meds arent even helping. Help?

More info needed. If asthma has been bad past week or two & you've had a cold or flu perhaps you have an acute exacerbation needing oral Prednisone for 5 days. If you & your doctor are having trouble controlling ongoing asthma think about contributing causes like reflux or chronic sinusitis. If despite all efforts asthma is refractory to treatment oxalizumab (xolair) could be a consideration for you.
See Your Doctor. If your asthma is not controlled on your current medication then it may not be the right regimen. And/or... You could have an undiagnosed allergy or environmental irritant that is driving your asthma out of control. The important thing is to see your doctor and check your meds you might need a controller med like singulair, (montelukast) steroid +/- laba inhaler etc to get better control.
Triggers? Are you around anything on a regular basis that is triggering your asthma? Perhaps you need to have allergy testing to see what your triggers may be. See your doctor because there are plenty of asthma meds so perhaps you need different meds than your current ones. If you smoke, quit today!