My test came back negative for a UTI or kidney infection what else can cause u to pass blood and clots through urine?

Causes of hematuria. I am glad that you do not have a UTI and you need to be evaluated by a urologist to find the cause of the hematuria. It can be caused by any bleeding in the urinary tract. It could be due to a tumor of the kidney, kidney stones in the ureters or by a bladder tumor, among other things. See a urologist who can lead to the road for a diagnosis and cure for your problem. Good luck.
Kidney stone. Kidney stones is a very common cause of blood in the urine. If that's been ruled out, then the next step would be to do some imaging of the urinary tract. Talk to your doc about that. Eventually, you may need to have a scope dropped into your bladder to rule out any bladder issues. Again, this will be up to your doc to decide upon.

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Ihave blood in my urine andi tested negative for a uti. I got a kidney infection previously from false results have recently had chlamidia thatitreated

Blood in urine. First make sure that the blood is not from the vagina. If it's not, blood in urine is abnormal and calls for evaluation of both the kidneys and the urinary bladder. Things like stones, growths, inflammation and infection have to be checked for, and a urologist is best to carry out the investigation. Read more...

Can you have a UTI which may now be a kidney infection.... With urine with WBC of >40 and no blood in urine?

Yes. If there is wbc in urine, it usually means bladder infection, which in turn could spread to kidneys and cause a serious disease. Consult with your doctor for proper treatment. Read more...

If I am demonstrating UTI / kidney infection symptoms, but my urine test came back negative, what's goin on?

Check other things. It could be a UTI that isn't growing out. Sometimes this happens if a person takes an antibiotic before culture. It could also be something else. It could be inflammatory or malignant or just vaginal irritation. See your doc to check it out. @thepeedoc. Read more...