Has anyone heard of wally ear oil to prevent and help ear infections?  ent or herbal docs?

What kind? Ear oil is unlikely to prevent otitis media (middle ear infections) since the ear canal doesn't communicate with the middle ear. But, it may help with pain from a middle ear infection. For otitis externa (swimmers ear), there is no evidence to support using wally ear oil as prevention but i can't think of a reason why a drop in each ear once a week during swimming season would be harmful.

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I've had an ear infection for 5 wks and my ENT doc said it was better. Why am I still in pain?

Healing Takes Time. The infection itself may be better but the leftovers from the inflammation may be what is still causing you pain. These include residual fluid, congestion and swelling. It often times can take a month or 2 for these aspects to resolve. You can let your ENT know that you still have pain. He/She may be able to recommend something to relieve the pressure or improve drainage. Read more...