I suffer from elevated ck level from 400 to 1400 as a high. I had a emg, MRI of the muscle, muscle biopsy all normal. Is this heritary?

Can be. There are people who naturally have high ck. The only caution I have is to make sure your muscle biopsy was read by a muscle pathology expert, not only the general pathologist where the biopsy was done. Muscle pathology is a highly specialized area.
Symptoms? Are you sick? Many people who exercise normally have ck's in this range. One of my students had a ck of 3500 on screen and only on prompting remembered cutting and hauling lumber for 10 hours the day before. There's genetic stuff as well -- a duchenne carrier often has a very high ck -- but if you feel well and don't have muscle disease clinically, i'd consider ignoring the whole thing.
Cpk elevation. Some causes of ck elevation not disease: usually, no special preparation is necessary. Certain medications can interfere with test results. Drugs that can increase CPK measurements include the following: alcohol amphotericin b certain anesthetics cocaine fibrate drugs statins steroids such as dexamethasone these came from: http://www.Nlm.Nih.Gov/medlineplus/ency/article/003504.Htm.