What is the safest benzodiazepine?

Risky class. Benzodiazepines produce relaxation, sedation, and at times euphoria. Their risk is accentuated by addition of other drugs. Benzo's don't play well with others! the combination of narcotics (opioids) and benzo. Is the leading cause of death in florida. The short acting benzo's produce a quicker , stronger effect, and are more dangerous (xanax). Lorazepam is also risky. Valium in low doses safer.
None. There is no safest benzodiazepine. All are dangerous to some extent or another. All are addictive & habit forming, can alter your thinking process, increase your risk for falling & breaking a bone, and increase your risk for dying. Yes, they can also relieve anxiety, induce sleep & relax muscles by making you not care about anything. But talk to your doc to be sure benefit outweighs risk.
Good question . Used judiciously in focused situations, benzodiazepines can be very safe and effective for symptoms like muscle spasm, dystonia, and anxiety -- anticonvulsant activity too. They can all be sedating & induce tolerance, so are not safe when used for long periods of time. They can also all produce very problematic withdrawal syndromes. For least metabolites & interactions, Ativan (lorazepam) may be safer.