What is the small lump on the very back of the roof of your mouth it kinda feels like a bone is this normal?

Torus pallatinus. Most likely you refer to torus pallatinus, benign medical condition, not requiring any treatment. You can find pictures of it by googling the name of it.
Palatial tori. Most likely they are palatial tori and are not cancerous but relatively common bony processes. They will usuall occur in the midline of the palate and can vary in size and shape. See your dentist for a diagnosis to be sure though.
Seek a professional. Without an actual clinical examination by a dental professional (dentist) it is possible to determine whether the nature of something is normal or not! sometimes a clinical examination will need to be followed up with a biopsy or culture in order to make an appropriate diagnosis. My suggestion is you have this "boney" lump examined by a dentist and let a professional make the determination.