After the removal of my ingrown toenail via a pediatrist procedure how long should I wait before going into a lake to swim?

After Ingrown. It depends on how involved of your ingrown problem at the first place that would lead to procedure. Was there any infection? Is there still redness, swelling, bleeding or pain on that area? What kind of procedure you had complete or partial nail toenail removed? My suggestion is to get permission from your doctor before commit to any activity involve with getting the area compromised.
Nail Surgery. Normal activity levels may cause you pain and increase the swelling of the affected toe, if began too soon. Resume normal, light activities after giving your foot a day or two to heal and the pain subsides. Refrain from running, jumping and other strenuous activities for at least two weeks after surgery. Wait at least 7 days before going in a lake. After 2-3 days you can go in a swimming pool.