Would an echocardiogram and stress test show if there was a blockage or problem in the carotid arteries?

No. U need bilateral carotid ultrasound study to evaluate carotid artery disease or blockage. An echocardiogram will evaluate functional and structural anatomy of the heart, while a stress test show the functional capacity of the heart.
No. Echocardiograms & stress tests are used to evaluate your heart's function and possibility of blockage in arteries to heart. However, neither test will evaluate carotid arteries. At your age, given your gender, you shouldn't need either test, nor to worry about stroke risk, unless you have an extremely strong family history of premature heart disease & stroke. Carotid ultrasound will check nec.

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Why would I see the vein sticking out only on left side of neck? Normal EKG, stress test and echocardiogram in Feb. And normal u/s of carotids in April.

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It can be. normal to have asymmetry in size of the jugular veins. However, if this represents a change from your normal appearance, see your doctor, because it could be a sign of obstructed venous flow. This would be very unlikely if you have no other symptoms, however. Read more...