My breast cup size c plastic surgeon said a breast lift will take me down to an a cup is this true?

2cups less=reduction. All reductions inherently include a lift but the reverse is not true that isolated breast lifts include a significant reduction in volume.So you may be confusing the two.A board certified plastic surgeon will not be making that error.To clarify, you should go back for a second consultation. If you are trying to go through your insurance then they only allow a breast reduction&that is 2 cups less.
Confusing… I ask my patients to be very careful about basing their communication about goals or outcome of surgery in regards to cup size. This form of communication can be quite confusing and a source of miscommunication/dissatisfaction, given that cup sizes vary... Breast lifting surgery in general will change the position of the breasts on the chest wall, potentially decreasing size minimally.
Lift or Reduction ? In a simple breast lift > the cup size is reduced minimally (not even half a cup size) where as in a breast lift with simultaneous breast reduction > the cup size can be lowered to any extent.
Not in... My experience. Unless you remove a significant amount of breast tissue, most of patients have a fairly minimal change in their cup size after a breast lift, usually no more than 1 cup size.