What is the effect of septicemia on neonates?

Septicemia. Septicemia is a serious blood infection that can be caused by a variety of bacteria. Untreated in neonates, it can result in death. As signs of septicemia is very subtle in neonates- many doctors aggressively treat with antibiotics if neonate has temp >100.4f, temperature instability, feeding poorly, lethargy. Blood cultures are drawn before starting the antibiotics.
Grave disease. Septicemia is a serious condition that is caused by an infection in the bloodstream. The infection can spread to the organs and cause them to fail. If the mother has septicemia, she can take antibiotics & fluids to help treat the infection before the baby is born. If the neonate is infected, antibiotics need to be given as it is much more serious in a newborn and organ failure can lead to death.
Mother or baby? Does the mom have septicemia or the baby? Both are very serious situations and both can be deadly if left untreated. However, if it's mom, antibiotics can be given before birth to try and help protect infant. If the baby is the one infected, you are looking at a minimum of 1 week of IV antibiotics in the hospital, and the possibility of a very rocky course, because an infection like that can kill.