Started vancomycin 1 day ago. Before that flagyl. Still have diarrahea. Wats the time frame for meds to work and stop diarrehea. Wat if meds don't work?

Flagyl or Vancomycin. Clostridium difficile colitis is treated with a 10-14 day course of oral Flagyl or vancomycin. Unfortunately relapses occur in 25-30% of treated patients requiring re-treatment. Multiple recurrences are treated witha 6 week vancomycin pulse/taper some add a probiotic s. Boulardii (flora stor), some give a Rifaximin chaser. When these fail, fecal transplant cures 91% of these recalcitrant pts.
Needs time. Is the reason for treatment is c. Difficile ? If it is, then discuss with your md the length of treatment and the need to add florastor to your treatment.