Had root canal small bump on gum looks pulse like is that normal do I need more antibotics before getting crown I don't want tooth pulled no pain are?

NEED FURTHER INVESTI. After doing root canal if you have a pulsating bump either ou may have a periodontal problem on that tooth or infection under the tooth is trying to drain. Without further evaluation by dentist or endodontist it will wrong to make any suggestions. Good luck.
Evaluation. The tooth needs to be evaluated before you proceed with the crown. Antibiotics resolve the symptom, but do not treat the cause. Tooth may have accessory canals or may be fractured. Your dentist or endodontist can best help find the cause.
See Endodontist. The bump you describe is a fistula, probably from a draining abscess on the tooth.There can be many reasons for this but it is not normal. A poor root canal, root fracture, a peri apical lesion that needs surgical removal are just some of the possibilities. See an endodontist for thorough evaluation and treatment!