Why am I short of breath if my oxygen saturation is good?

Anxiety? In most cases adequate oxygen saturation indicates that your lungs and blood work well to supply oxygen to your organs. Some evaluation may still be necessary, but feeling air hunger when objectively none exists usually indicates anxiety. If th proves to be correct, treatment may involve anti-anxiety medication, nutritional supplements, some herbs or homeopathy, whatever is best indicated.
Circumstance. The oxygen saturation, which might be acceptable when sitting in the doctor's office, goes down with activity, so would be lower when climbing stairs or carrying things. So you might get short of breath even though in the doctor's office the oxygen saturation is fine. Have the doctor let you walk around the office before checking the saturation to get a level more reflective of such with activity.

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Yesterday went to bed with huge acid reflux. Upon waking up a little short of breath. Oxygen saturation normal. Is this common?

Bad reflux can. cause shortness of breath and can present similar to acute asthma.The acid from the stomach goes up and out the esophagus and down the trachea into the lungs.This acid burns the lungs causing swelling,increased mucus production and narrowing of the airways resulting in cough and shortness of breath.Rx- elevate head of bed to 30 degrees,increase dose of acid blockers,& see ur doc. Read more...

Why do I get daily attacks of shortness of breath when my peak flow, oxygen saturation, pulse, temperature, blood test and EKG results are all normal?

Breath. Many things can cause you to feel short of breath. One of the most common is a panic attack. Are you prone to them? Other medical conditions such as congestive heart failure with volume overload are frequently seen in elderly patients. Other heart conditions and pulmonary conditions can cause this as well. In a young healthy person such as yourself a panic attack seems more likely. See your Dr. Read more...

What would cause shortness of breath and pain in left breast chest CT scan normal X-ray normal abg normal EKG abnormal oxygen saturation normal?

It may be the heart! You need to have your heart checked by a good cardiologist. The best test for you is a session of multifunction cardiogram. It is accurate, affordable and stress, drug and radiation free! good luck! http://en.M.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/multifunction_cardiogram. Read more...