Can artificial sweeteners inhibit weight loss or cause water retention? Are there any big red flags that go along with artificial sweeteners?

Some evidence . There has been studies to show that consumption of a single artificially sweetened beverage a day can increase your risk of diabetes by 40% the same subject tended to be overweight. Some cause cancer in lab rates, while others are associated with increase blood pressure. I recommend staying away.
YES, YES & YES!!! Aspartame & other artificial sweeteners are toxic, should not have been approved &are very hazardous.They have many side effects & cause obesity!see http://www.Sweetpoison.Com/ & http://articles.Mercola.Com/sites/articles/archive/2009/10/13/artificial-sweeteners-more-dangerous-than-you-ever-imagined.Aspx & http://www.Eruptingmind.Com/the-dangers-of-artificial-sweeteners i never eat these chemicals.