I am using voltaren (diclofenac) 75mg. And proton pump inhibitor for my stomach. How long should I wait to take voltaren (diclofenac) after I take the inhibitor?

PPI + NSAID. For GI prophylaxis, ppi is preferably taken on empty stomach first thing in morning or at least 30 minutes prior to eating/drinking. Voltaren (diclofenac) can then be taken with meal. May need twice daily ppi dosing if underlying gerd/gastritis or symptoms of NSAID induced GI irritation. 2nd dose is preferably taken 2 hours after last meal. Rx pills that contain combination nsaid/ppi can be taken w/ food.
No interaction. The two apparently have no reported interaction, however, there are concerns about taking each of those two drugs for a prolonged period of time. Of particular concern are the side effects of the NSAID drugs such as voltaren (diclofenac). They not only can cause ulcers, but also salt retention, hypertension, heart failure and heart attacks. Ppi's also can have significant side effects.