Where is an uterine fibroid embolization usually done? At a hospital?

Hospital. Uterine embolization is done by a radiologist in a hospital setting under light sedation. I am not a fan of uterine embolization due to the significant exposure to radiation, low chance of success and significant risk of complications. With that said, remember I am a gynecologist with a very biased opinion. I am sure there are well trained radiologist that have very good outcomes.
Interventional radio. An interventional radiologist in a free standing radiology office or in a hospital does the procedure as an outpatient.
Angio Suite. Uae/ufe is doen by an interventional radiologist. Most practice in a hospital setting. However, many irs also offer embolization in an office or surgi-center setting.
Hospital outpatient. Ufe is performed by an interventional radiologist typically in a hospital setting and often as an outpatient. It has a very high success rate (over 90% for relief of heavy bleeding), and is much safer and shorter recovery times than any of the surgical options. It also allows women to keep their uterus which is important even in women who are not interested in fertility.
Most likely. The procedure is usually performed by an interventional radiologist in a procedure room with a special X-ray machine referred to as an "Angio Suite." Typically these are in hospitals but some are at freestanding centers and the procedure is typically done on an outpatient basis.