How bad is drinking soda for you?

Think acid. The fizzz you enjoy comes from carbonic acid.This is the same acid (at a different strength) that was originally used in the early 1900's to steralize the body surface prior to surgery.Soda's ph is very acidic. Consider the sugar, where one/day can add 12 pounds of useless fat to your body. As junk foods go, it is not as bad as some.But it provides no nutritional value.
Yes. Regularly drinking soda has been linked to Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, Diabetes, heart disease & metabolic syndrome. Other possible risks include: increased weight, decreased bone mineral density (BMD) obesity, erosion of tooth enamel, caries, mineral depletion & dehydration. Increased caffeine in some sodas can ^ anxiety in people w anxiety disorders. If it contains artificial sweeteners &
Not good. Neither regular nor diet sodas are "good" for you. Human data has also been growing -- suggesting that even diet soda increases risk of developing metabolic syndrome and diabetes. One example: http://www.Ncbi.Nlm.Nih.Gov/pubmed/23575771 I am also aware of many people who could not stop drinking aspartame-containing sodas without a great deal of difficulty. I recommend good water instead.
Many answers. There's a wide range of opinion on the healthtap team on this contentious subject. Some of the allegations about aspartame are clearly false but there's a minority opinion within medicine that is still seriously concerned. Carbonated water with or without sugar is pricey & without health benefits, and the sugared stuff is an easy way to get fat. I'd discount retrospective epidemiology. Be sparing.