Where do I go to get a peritoneal dialysis done?

Often at home. This procedure is typically done by the patient having kidney diseases who are appropriate for this type of dialysis. Once determined appropriate by the kidney doc and the patient, he/she is trained in performing this daily procedure at home.... Check with your doc. Especially the kidney doc..

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Does it hurt to get a peritoneal dialysis done?

Not usually. Placing a catheter to start peritoneal dialysis catheter may involve some discomfort in the postoperative period which may last a few days. Peritoneal dialysis involves filling the abdominal cavity with water like solution to remove bodily toxins. Overall peritoneal dialysis is virtually painless if done properly.
Typically, no. As the dialysis fluid enters the abdomen and "dwells" there, a person may feel "full" or bloated, but it isn't typically painful. A wonderful benefit of peritoneal dialysis is that it can be done at night while you are asleep. LGromko MD.
No. Peritoneal dialysis involves placing a catheter in your abdomen, It is done under local anesthesia. Once you learn the proper technique of doing dialysis, there is no pain. Sometimes you feel full in your abdomen due to the dialysate. If the peritoneum gets infected, you will have pain. Proper technique and practice of dialysis avoid pain.
No. Peritoneal dialysis does not require sticking you with needles. You get the catheter placed initially, then you just hook it up when you do dialysis. Please check this video: https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=I1fx9sxVgqk.