Right flank pain and pain in right groin and back. Variable chest pain (non cardiac) as well. Is this more likely from gall bladder or kidney stone?

Kidney stone . Flank and groin pain are often caused by kidney stones that cause some degree of obstruction to the kidney or ureter. There are multiple other causes, however. You should seek a diagnosis.
Both. Get blood work and urinalysis. An abnormal parathyoid could lead to both.
See below. Pain due to gallbladder disease (e.g.Stones), is located in the right upper quadrant/epigastric area and the onset usually follows a fatty/greasy meal (pain is constant and goes away in a couple of hours). Pain due to kidney stones is colicy (comes on about every 15-20 min and lasts a minute or so) and may be accompanied by urinary frequency/urgency. Kidney stone pain is very severe.

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I have a 7mm kidney stone which has not moved and been having constant severe right flank pain and lower right groin pain but tests are norm please help?

Kidney stones. Typically any kidney stone that drops into ureter less then 5 mm has about 90% chance of passing on its own. Anything over this may not pass on its own and intervention may be needed by a urologist. Read more...