Where do I go to get a gastric bypass done?

Center of Excellence. Hi, please research the facility you wish to consult for bariatric surgery. One of the cedentials is "the center of excellence" although that is not absolute credential ask friends who have had the procedure donethe more the procedures reflects a level of experience. True that doing many procedures might produce more complications-but it can also mean that they are capable of handling complications.
WHERE GASTRIC BYPASS. Gastric byepass surgery is done by surgeons who specialise in baritric surgery. Before you go see a surgeon you need to see your medical doctor who will assess your bmi and other medical problems and may refer you to a surgeon.

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Does it hurt to get a gastric bypass done?

Of course. I am not sure by what you mean by "hurt" all surgery has some postoperative discomfort. But, if you are asking the potential complications of gastric bypass--your surgeon should discuss these at length with you. For many obese patients, bypass, is a logical step after trying"everything" and you have med problems. If you feel you are being "rushed" into bypass surgery, please get another opinion.
No one must. It may be advised for difficult obesity situations, and of course, beneficial for some patients; but they should have appropriate treatment with conservative methods, ie eating management and exercise; also drug management; before they proceed with surgical intervention. I have had a few patients lose and maintain a weight a weight loss of of over 100 lbs without surgical intervention.
Lipomas. Lipomas are fat tumors and benign. But without removal of a suspected lipoma--especially, if it bothers you, is tender or growing-you won't know it is a lipoma. It's physical characteristics on palpation can't absolutely deterimine that it is benign. Therefore removal and examination by a pathologist under a microscope is necessary for a diagnosis.