Where do I go to get a breast augmentation or enlargement done?

Plastic surgeon. Seek a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon who is board certified by the american board of plastic surgery.
To a plastic surgeo. A plastic and reconstructive surgeon is the most qualified physician to perform this procedure.
Plastic surgeon. Breast augmentation (or restructuring as well - sometimes reduction) is done by plastic surgeons with special training in this area. Check with your local medical society for referrals or go to the web site of the american society of plastic surgeons or the society of cosmetic surgeons for a local referral.
Your choice. Where : aaaa certified facility, jacho certified facility in your hometown. By whom : a board certified plastic surgeon.
Experienced Surgeon. Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that is offered by surgeons of many backgrounds; general surgery, cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery. Check out the american board of plastic surgery and the american board of cosmetic surgery. Check out on-line reviews and results of surgeons in your region. Look for surgeons who complete procedures in accredited facilities.
Breast Aug Info. Breast augmentation should be performed in a fully accredited surgical facility be a plastic surgeon.
Plastic Surgeon. You can ask your primary care doc for a referall or check into plastic or cosmetic surgeons.
Plastic surgeon. You should seek out a board certified plastic surgeon for the best results and quality care.