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Medical treatment for cervical ectopic pregnancy?

NONE. Ectopic pregency of cervix is rare even rare going to full term, unless get implanted close to uterus, then a nightmare to managing team, always associated with bleeding, could be massive, usually aborts, or require urgent surgical intervention, and medical treatment has no role. Leave it to expert OB surgeon to handle the problem.
Usually fails. Intralesional ultrasound-guided methothrexate or Potassium Chloride injection is the optimal treatment for cervical or cesarean scar ectopics. Medical treatment with intramuscular (systemic) Methotrexate is not very successful in avoiding life-threatening hemorrhage and hysterectomy in cervical ectopics, however is easier first step in many cases.

Is there any treatment needed for ectopic pregnancy? What are the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy? How long will it take to rupture?

Surgeru. The only treatment is surgery. The rupture timing is variable and IF THERE IS ANY SUSPICION that this may be the reason for LOWER ABDOMINAL PAIN and MISSED PERIOD a EMERGENCY ROOM VISIT is medically necessary! Hope this helps Good luck Dr Z.
Ectopic pregnancy. "Ectopic" means outside of normal location, and depending on where the pregnancy occurs can be life threatening, so treatment is almost always indicated. The symptoms are prolonged bleeding and cramping in one side of the lower abdomen. Consult a healthcare provider for correct diagnosis and treatment, Do not delay.

Treatment of ectopic pregnancy?

Options. The most important thing with an ectopic pregnancy is to get treated now. This is a true emergency. In early cases we can treat it with a medication called methotrexate. This is the best and safest option. If the ectopic is too big or beginning to rupture it must be treated with surgical intervention. If you have an ectopic pregnancy you should be seen in the er now.
Emergency surgery. Go quickly to emergency room because if it ruptures you can die.

When a baby is removed during an ectopic pregnancy surgery treatment, does it try to breathe on its own?

Not mature. The baby (fetus) is not mature enough to breath at most ectopic pregnancies so you would not expect to appreciate breathing.

In an ectopic pregnancy surgery treatment, is there any possibility that the baby (fetus) will try to breathe on its own, when it's being removed?

No. Rarely ectopic pregnancy will go that far if it was missed for any reason the location on the tube will make it rupture and that cause severe pain and bleeding that could be lethal. If it was discovered early they usually try medication to aborted if not successful they go for surgery. In my opinion they never grow enough to be a live fetus that able to take s breath.
Not unless you're 6m. Not unless you're 6 months pregnant. Baby fetuses can't naturally breathe before then (they're not developed enough yet), no matter what movements their tiny muscles do.

My wife, aged 28, was operated for an ectopic pregnancy 3 years back. After that, she has not been conceiving. We hadan HSG test done which came negetive. Pleasesuggest some treatment.

Negative? After surgery for ectopic it is typical for one of the fallopian tubes to have been removed so I would be surprised if the hsg was, "negative". If the remaining tube is normal looking then there should still be the possibility of conceiving. You might also consider having your semen evaluated as well. Good luck.
Infertility. There could be different reasons for infertility such as sperm abnormalities, aging of the female reproductive truct regardless of the biological age etc... You should see an obgyn or fertility both of which can performed a basic evaluation of infertility.
Need SPecialist. If trying to conceive for a year and have not she should see a fertility specialist.

I have had spotting instebad of a period for 4 days from cd 26 to cd 29. 2nd period since treatment of ectopic pregnancy in October. Should I worry?

I wouldn't worry. You are still getting back to a normal cycle. Your body experienced the full effect of a pregnancy with all it's complex hormonal changes, so taking this long to return to baseline would be expected. It could easily take 6 months or more to get back to your usual pattern and cycle. Good wishes:)