Lumbosacral spondylosis with disc degeneration, mild posterior disc bulge at l3-4level indenting thecal sac, lateral canals & neural foraminae, treatment?

DDD=arthritis. Arthritis/spondylosis of the disc is ddd. Like wrinkles of skin, ddd happens to everyone to some degree. It starts to be evident on MRI late teens and early 20's, progressing with age. Ddd/arthritis does not = pain. So don't let the diagnosis bother you. Treatment is specific to the pain. If back pain, nonsurgical. Nsaids/tylenol, pt/core strength. For sciatica, above plus nerve root injections.
Spondylosis. The imaging studies are not to be ignored, however your symptoms are far more important for determining treatment! many people develop some degeneration, but have no clinical problems. According to the studies, there are no traumatic problem, so typically, we start with functional rehab, pt, anti-inflammatories and home stretching and strengthening. Walking helps backpain typically also. Good luck.