What's a simple, cheap treatment for my depression in pregnancy?

Therapy. Find a therapist who does cognitive- behavioral therapy. It is safer than drugs during pregnancy.
Med regimen. Depending on your situation, and I am a proponent of medical treatment in pregnancy, sertraline 100mg 1/2 at night with trazadone 100 mg 1/2 at night. Risk is very low. Therapy is great if u find a good therapist and have the time. See mass general womens psychiatry to look up risks but they r low compared to the risk of non treatment.

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Depression during pregnancy--signs and treatments?

Same signs as not. Pregnant. The treatment, however, is different. There should be more emphasis on psychotherapy. Most antidepressants should be avoided, at least until the third trimester. Electroconvulsive therapy is very safe for both mother and child, although it is usually only used in severe cases. Read more...