What type of doctor can order a thoracic spine MRI with dye?

Any. Any type of doctor can order this type of mri, however if there is a back problem it would be best to be seen by a doctor with experience in this condition (neurologist, neurosurgeon, orthopedic surgeon, physiatrist, some internists or family medicine doctors, etc) to make sure that this is the correct test.
Many types. Depending on the indication, it can be ordered by neurologists, orthopedists, neurosurgeons, or many other types. As a neurologist, I usually order them looking for signs of ms.

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Do I have to see a specialist to get a thoracic spine MRI with dye ordered?

Spine MRI. Although your pcp can order a spine mri, but I advise you to be seen by either a neurologist of neuro surgeon inorder to be more specific, sometimes according to the symptoms may be you need to have an MRI of other part of the spine and also to have benefit of the spine MRI it is better to be reviewed carefully especially if eventually you need to be seen by the specialist.

Do I have to get some blood tests before doing a thoracic spine MRI without dye?

Not usually. There is no need to get a blood tests for a non-contrast spine mri. However, if there is a chance that contrast might be used during the test, it's probably easier to get a simple kidney function test before having the scan, rather than having to come out, get the test and reschedule.
Typically not. Because there is no dye being used, lab tests are not usually required for the scan itself. That being said, many of the conditions that would prompt a doctor to request a thoracic MRI would also lead him or her to request lab tests as well.

Do I have to bring someone along, or can I drive after the thoracic spine MRI without dye?

You can drive. Without contrast, you can drive after mri. If contrast is used, it is best to bring a driver in case there are any problems (very rare).

Pain under left boob & left rib cage, can this be from thoracic spine? Mri shows a lot of bugled disc in thoracic area!

Yes. The nerves of the spine leave the spinal cord and each one wraps around your body. When a disc puts pressure on one of the nerves, it can cause pain along the path of the nerve. This is probably what is happening to you, but an exam could confirm it.
Yes. Thoracic spine areas will allow nerves to exit out of the spine and wrap around into the chest wall and abdomen. So herniated discs there can cause pain into these areas as well. I would consider seeing a pain specialist for treatment options like epidural steroid injection or even facet joint treatments.

Does thoracic spine mri safe? Does it have any side effects in the future? I heard it can cause cancer Thank you

MRI is safe. MRI is a safe test and it is actually safer than a CT scan which is often the alternative test that is commonly used for diagnostic tests. The main difference is that MRI doe snot expose you to radiation (which most other X-rays do). The lack of radiation makes MRI a safer test. It does not cause Cancer....X-rays do have that risk albeit it is very small risk.
Safe. There are no known short or long term risks from MRI. Wish you good health!