When can I start to brush my baby s teeth. She s now 13 months old. And what if she swallows some dentiftice is there a problem?

As soon as teeth. As soon as that first tooth arrives, a parent should start caring for it. Simple in the beginning with a 2x2 gauze or wash cloth, but as more teeth erupt, one should be transitioning to a tooth brush and tooth paste. In fact, i supervised my own children's brushing well into their early teens. As far as swallowing toothpaste, a little is not bad and if no Fluoride is in your water, even beneficial.
When to start. As soon as teeth come into the mouth, you should start to keep them clean. There is no need to use any dentifrice at this time & even if swallowed in very small amounts there is no harm. A small headed child tooth brush or even a gauze pad works well at this age. I would also recommend that you take her to a pedodontist who can answer all your questions as there are other considerations.
As soon as possible. Teeth are best protected with brushing as soon as they appear. There are dental pastes that taste better for children and the amount that might be swallowed, which is inevitable, is too small to cause any health or other risks. The earlier they get used to tooth brushing, the better for health over time.
Baby teeth. There are several commercially available toothpastes for the very young patient. As soon as the teeth appear in the oral cavity the parents should begin the daily cleaning process whether using a washcloth or a toothbrush, it is necessary to start the homecare when the teeth come into the oral cavity.