What kind of pills or treatment can somebody get for eyelid swelling?

Depends. Eyelid swelling can be indicative of numerous conditions. It could be as benign as a chalazion (stye) or as serious as orbital cellulitis. It is important to seek the care of an ophthalmologist if there is any pain with eye movement, decrease in vision, or persistent swelling that doesn't improve.
Depends on the cause. Eyelids can swell from allergies, masses, infections and injury. Treatment for the swelling is directed at the specific cause. Since eyelid infections are serious and can lead to severe vision loss and worse, any swelling should be evaluated by an eye doctor.

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What is the treatment for eyelid swelling?

Depends. If it is due to inflammation, warm compresses with lid scrubs can be helpful. If it is associated with allergy, it usually itches and is treated with cool compresses, artificial tears, and topical mast cell stabilizer/anti-histamine eye drops. Read more...

Which treatment works the best and fastest for eyelid swelling?

Depends. Eye lids can swell from bodily fluid accumulation, local trauma or infection, certain types of chemotherapy or Prednisone and internal mass lesions. Your ophthalmolgist can distinguish among these and determine the best course of treatment. Read more...