When my penis get erect, its go up near my stomach and its hard to move down or left or right, I can just about 30degree move it down. Shld wry for sx?

Male Sexuality. First, this all sounds like you are fine or normal. The only surprise for me and what leave's me uneasy is there does not seem to be any mention of masturbation or ejaculation. If this common and vital part of sexuality has not happened yet i would be curious if you could not reach orgasm.
Sounds Normal. An erect penis early in life can be quite rigid and difficult to "press down". I know that in iran there is a practice called "taghaandan" (or taqaandan) whereby the man forces his penis downward to make the erection go away. However, this can severely harm the penis by fracturing it, leading to loss of erectile function. As it...Ahem....Stands, you don't have have anything to worry about.