Last week I had a clump of clear discharge come out went to dr cervix is closed. Was having cramps and lower back pain but no uti. Now the pains worse?

Discharge. Since your pregnant, and the discharge is clear it may be normal. But I don't like the back pain issue. You need an u/a, and then an ultrasound since your pregnant, not xrays, ct scans since you are pregnant. Also a culture of the discharged may help.

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I am TTC and at first I had a thick clear discharge from my vaginal now it's watery and milky white I also hv lower back pain and ha what do it mean?

Vaginal discharge. Some vaginal discharge can be normal and this changes throughout the month depending on where you are in the menstrual cycle. Use past experience as your guide. If the current amount and type of discharge you have is not typical for you based on many years of having cycles then it needs to be evaluated for infection. If what is happening now and is the same as always then it is likely normal.

I was 2 day's late for my AF now I'm having Brown and clear discharge with light bright red blood and cramping with lower back pain?

See a doctor. The above symptoms sound like a missed miscarriage and there may be retained products of conception. Go to your nearest ER or urgent care clinic for an examination, ultrasound scan and follow up management.

UTI, now my period is late with 7 days. I have nausea, a lot white discharge, low back pain and I feel tired. I have 2 negative test. Can I be pregnant?

Hard to say. When did you perform the 2 tests? If BEFORE you missed your period then, they're not valid. Also, if you're on medications for a UTI I don't know if that can affect these tests. We'd have to defer to an OB/GYN on that question. I'd repeat the HPT in 7 days. For now, behave as if you were pregnant. If still negative you may have just had a month without ovulation.

I am 12 weeks and I have been having cramps and lower back pain for 3 days and also a clear water like discharge is this normal?

No. You have symptoms which could be serious and should see your physician. He/she will listen to you, do a physical examinarion, run some tests, and let you know what's going on.