What kind of doctor sees somebody for small bowel lymphoma?

Oncologist. Small bowel lymphoma is typically treated with chemotherapy. You would see a medical oncologist for treatment.
Pediatric oncologist. Pediatric oncologist and pediatric surgeon are the two primary docs. Often a biopsy is needed to make diagnosis. Once diagnosed, the oncologist will treat with with chemotherapy and the surgeon may provide a vascular access in the form of a port or broviac catheter.

Related Questions

Is small bowel lymphoma painful?

They can be. If they present with small bowel obstruction, or perforation and sepsis they often are.

How common is it for somebody to get small bowel lymphoma?

Not common. Small bowel cancers are rare to begin with- they account for about 2% of all gastrointestinal cancers. A fifth of all small bowel cancers are lymphomas. Depending on the subtype they can be very effectively treated.
Not common. Primary lymphomas of the gastrointestinal tract are rare, while secondary GI involvement is relatively common.

Is small bowel lymphoma curable?

Yes, but. Yes, lymphoma can be cured, especially if diagnosed and treated appropriately/early enough. Cure in cancer typically means cancer free for 5 years, and not forever. The success rate depends on the type of cancer and stage (how advanced it is) at the time of diagnosis. I know this is vague, but hope it gives you some answer. Good luck.
It is rare as. Hens teeth, hard to diagnose, but cure rates depend on its size, location, spread to nodes or extra-nodal tissues. At presentation, may need a surgeon, but the curative treatment usually depends on the way it looks under the microscope, its markers, and chemo- bio- therapy.

What can I do for small bowel lymphoma?

A lot. See a medical oncologist first to get a complete staging with labs, pet scan, bone marrow biospy. Then decide on treatment with approriate chemotherapy and start your regimen. During treatment you will get interim scans and also upon completion so as to document remission status. Good luck.

Are the symptoms of small bowel lymphoma bad?

They can be. Often the initial symptoms of small bowel lymphoma are obstruction or perforation both of which can be very symptomatic.
Can be. May present with diarrhea, pain, bleeding (occult or visible), obstruction, or perforation. May be subtle, present with cramps, weight loss; usually not with fever, itching.

What is the definition or description of: small bowel lymphoma?

There are different. Types of lymphoma that can involve the small bowel. The important information is the type of lymphoma in such situation. Lymphomas are typed by pathologists. The specific name of the lymphoma tell about prognosis and best treatment.
Lymphoma. This is simply lymphoma involving the small bowel. This can either be lymphoma that is only there or lymphoma that is elsewhere in the body and also involving the small bowel.

What is the best treatment for small bowel lymphoma?

Chemotherapy. Lymphoma is a chemosensitive disease. Chemotherapy combined with targetted therapy would be the recommended treatment. I recommend you to discuss with your oncologist for detail information about what type of chemotherapy regimen, schedule etc.