What is the best treatment for vascular insufficiency?

Prevent/intervention. Vascular disease, like dr. Peter corrado states, needs a team approach as its a silent disease. Medical therapies; antiplatelets, antihypertensives, blood sugar control and lipid control/statins. Monitoring; ultrasound and vascular exams to intervene with stents, balloons or surgery before a cardiovascular event. Most important stop or decrease the nictotine addiction.
Depends what kind. It depends what kind and how bad it is. Venous(vein) insufficiency leads to varicose veins and ulcers in the legs. Treatment involves closing the abnormal veins. Arterial(artery) insufficiency leads to inability to walk and sometimes gangrene or limb loss. Treatment involves exercise, surgery, or angioplasty/stenting, with medication, to open damaged arteries or create new pathways(bypass).
IT REALLY DEPENDS. The answer depends on certain factors.If the problem is diffuse than the treatment is generally medical. Anti-platlet drugs are often used. In addition, attempts can be made to slow or prevent progression with meds to control blood pressure and cholesterol. If the problem is localized treatment may be surgical with bypass or stents. Prevention of progression would still be important.