If I had a serious sinus infection would I have a fever?

Not always. . U can have sinusitis with no fever but u would have a headache or a facial congested feeling or drainage down the back of ur throat. Best 2 c an ENT specialist 4 evaluation and possibly imaging 2 confirm the diagnosis, & then follow recommended treatment.

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I was just diagnosed with a severe sinus infection with fluid in the ears and cobblestoning in the throat. What does this mean. I also have a fever.

Viral vs. bacterial. If a specialist has made this diagnosis, it could be a viral infection (flu) or upper respiratory allergy. Severe sinus infection could also mean a bacterial infection. What it means is that you either have the flu, which is almost epidemic now or you have an acute allergic disease. Sinus x-rays document the diagnosis of sinusitis. Middle ear fluid can be treated with steroids or surgery. Read more...