What is the best treatment for vaginal atrophy?

Estrogen cream. Vaginal estrogen cream can help vaginal atrophy, even if only used twice a week.
Laser!! I can say, without reservation, that 100% of the patients in my practice who have used a laser device for vulvo vaginal atrophy have had complete resolution of their dryness within the prescribed treatment time frame of 3 months. Additionally, stress incontinence and overactive bladder issues are consistently relieved. Maintenance can be achieved with estrogen cream. Cream alone, not so good!

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What's the best treatment to get rid of vaginal atrophy?

Hormone cream. Atrophic vaginitis is best treated by depleting the hormones that are lost after menopause. Topical hormonal creams are effective for some and others require systemic hormones (tablets). However, in light of all the information we have about hormonal supplementation and increased risk of certain cancers, the decision to use hormones is very individualized. Read more...
Vaginal Atrophy. A cream of Estrogens for a short period like two weeks may help. The appearance of vaginal atrophy is more common in non-sexually active females ("use it or lose it") pelvic exercises and kegel exercises starting early in menopause may contribute to prevent it. Read more...