What is the best treatment for pancreatitis?

Bowel rest. The treatment for pancreatitis is not eating until it starts to get better, and treating the pain.

Related Questions

What is the best treatment for pancreatitis and cerebral palsy?

Find cause of panc. Cerebral palsy is not a cause of pancreatitis. Some people with CP may have an underlying mitochondrial disorder which can also cause pancreatitis. People with CP may be put on medications that can cause pancreatitis. I would carefully at meds. Also, should rule-out gallstones.

What's the best treatment to get rid of pancreatitis?

Treat the cause. In the short term, the treatment is to "rest" the organ by inserting a feeding tube into the gut below the level at which pancreas enters. This removes food stimulation, allowing the organ to sit quietly without secreting hormones or enzymes. In the long term, the best treatment is to treat the cause, which is often excessive alcohol intake.
Find the source. The best way to prevent future episodes of pancreatitis is to find the source and correct it. Gallstones, take out the gallbladder. Alcohol, stop drinking. Cholesterol, start some medication and adjust diet. There are many different causes so there are many different therapies. The actual inflammation of the pancreas is treated by pancreatic rest.

What is the best way to acquire treatment for pancreatitis without coverage?

Emergency room. Go to your local emergency room. You are legally entitled to being treated. You may be admitted or treated as an out patient. Most hospitals and doctors treat a large number of uncovered patients every day. Most states or regions have free clinics you can link up with. It might NT be as convenient as you want but it is available.