Are there any doctors in greenville, sc area with a joint urology and gynecology specialty?

Urogynecology. I would check with greenville health system's gynecology department for urogynecology: http://www.Ghssurgery.Org/urogynecology.Php dr. Jeffrey p. Garris is listed there: http://www.Ghssurgery.Org/dr-jeffrey-b-garris.Php.
AUGS. American urogynecologic society www.Augs.Org they have a find a doctor section.
Probably. I don't know the area exactly, but if you search for someone who has done a fellowship in either "female urology" or "urogynecology". You should also make sure that the doctor is board-certified.
Kindly google . Online for this info or u can call your insurance company and the state medical board. Usually these 2 specialties don't practice jointly. Best wishes!