Normal chest X-ray & abdominal/pelivic CT scan, but positive TB skin test? I have low grade fevers, extreme fatigue & swollen lymph nodes. Tb?

Unlikely TB. It is unusual to have TB with a normal chest x-ray. You need to see your doctor get a work-up ASAP.
It seems like it. You should seek a consultation with a infection(id) specialist to help you decide about treating your TB infection.
Add test. I would also add a screening CBC, differential and platelets and diagnostic cultures. If there is a swollen lymph node or nodes, your physician may recommend a biopsy as well. If you do have a positive TB skin test, treatment and follow up is advised.
Treatment and tests. A positive TB test means there has been exposure to TB and infection. A ct scan of chest, sputum cultures for acid fast bacilli, culture/biopsy of lymph nodes. In any case, treatment for a positive TB skin test is needed with antibiotics and when there is evidence of systemic infection such as in lymph nodes/lungs http://www.Cdc.Gov/tb/publications/guidelines/.