What is the best treatment for fat embolism?

Serious. Fat emboli to lungs can be life threatening. Usually from bone fracture or trauma. Fractures need to be set as quickly as possible. Pt needs to be closely monitored. Albumin IV helps. Pt may need ventilator.

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After fat embolism occurred what is the best treatment.

Seeing the Dr. You need to seen and followed by a doctor to possibly be placed on some sort of blood thinning medication, and have your LIPIDS followed regularly to assure you are at goal with your fat embolism risk factor. Depending on the values, you may need lipid lowering medication. If overweight, certainly diet and exercise would be part of your treatment too. Good luck. Read more...

Will fat embolism kill me if I don't get treatment?

Possibly. If severe enough, fat embolism can be life threatening. Some degree of fat embolism usually occurs with most major orthopedic procedures. Read more...