What information do I have to bring along to do the uterine fibroid embolization?

Probably a referral. To have an arterial embolization, it would be beneficial to the radiologist to have a referral, a history and physical exam by the referring physician, records including a previous MRI or ultrasound, and any information that might help the radiologis, like amount of bleeding, allergies.
Start with a consult. The process starts with a consultation with the interventional radiologist who will be doing the embolization. I ask patients to have an MRI of the pelvis and bring the cd of the images with them to their appointment.
Office consultation. Ufe is performed by interventional radiologists (ir). The patient should see the ir physician in the office. We obtain a pelvic MRI imaging study right before the office visit. A complete history is obtained to go over symptoms and correlate that with fibroid distribution on imaging. Patients can bring any previous blood work, pap results, or h&p from gyn if available to the consultation.
Call the office. Typically for any physicians visit it is helpful to bring your medication list, as well as results from any blood work, imaging studies or biopsies done. This information may have already been sent from the referring physician. Best just to call the physician's office and ask what information they would like you to bring.
Films. They will need to see the location and size, the best way is to have the actual u/s on a dvd/cd for their review, the next best are pictures. They will review it and discuss the procedure and risks then schedule the procedure and an overnight stay for later.