Intense stomach cramps in most of stomach area (especially stomach area between hip bones) & lower back at sides. Diarrhea. Blood in stool.

See a doctor ASAP. You have colitis at least, and this can be either infectious or inflammatory bowel disease or potentially tumor. You need to be fully evaluated and as soon as is reasonable. Blood in stool is never a good sign. Hopefully it is just from hemorrhoids or an anal fissure, but you need to be seen and examined. See a GI doctor. Good luck.

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Daughter 5 had diarreah stomach cramps had little blood in stool not seen physically got culture done came back negative what could be causing this?

Many causes . There are many causes of stomach cramps, Diarrhoea and blood in stools. If the culture was negative have the stool examined for parasites like Giardia, amoeba and repeat the culture if necessary also looking for campylobacter and other organisms. If the symptoms are severe enough have the child seen again and right away if child's condition warrants it. . Read more...