What do you recommend for pinguecula?

Depends. Pinguecula are benign growths on the eye nasally or temporally to the cornea. Many are small and cause no problems. Some are larger, or growing and can cause irritation and redness of the eyes. A few may grow so far towards the center of the cornea that they threaten vision. The only treatment is surgical removal. See your ophthalmologist to evaluate these.
Pinguecula. A pinguecula, which is a deposit/build up on the white part of the eye (sclera) due to uv light and dryness of the eyes. You can use artificial tears, and use a cap and/or sunglasses when outdoors. If it gets large, constantly irritated (red), or grows over the cornea, you may need medicated drops or surgery.
See answer below. Most of the time no treatment is required. If symptoms of foreign body sensation or irritation lubrication with artificial tears is indicated. If symptoms do not improve mild steroid drops are indicated. Rarely needs surgical excision. Sunglasses with uv protection are recommended to prevent growth.