Have annular tear at l5-s1 diagnosed by discogram I've tried all conservative modalities with zero pain relief, was told I need fusion? Any options?

You answered it your. If you have tried all conservative modalities surgery is an option. What ave you tried? Fusions are not very effective to treat back pain. If your disc is very degenerated and the discogram reproduced your pain it may be the answer. Only your spine surgeon can discuss specific options with you. This is not a question which can be answered on line with generalities.
Why surgery? Fusions are best employed if spine is unstable, and mobile. Your annular tear alone is not an indication for surgery unless this is a ruptured disc compressing nerves or affecting bladder/bowel function. Although uncomfortable, typically these resolve over 8-9 mo. And shrink. Outcome of fusion can lead to arthritis both above and below your level, with more future misery. Get 2nd opinion.