Can cosmetic plastic surgeons use skin glue for a mid-face lift, as opposed to sutures, that may produce more scarring?

Yes. Skin glue can definitely be used to close almost all incisions that we do cosmetically. It's unclear which produces more scarring (skin glue vs. Stitches), however a general rule is permanent (non-dissolving) stitches should be removed as early as possible.
No. Incisions for a mid face lift are in the hair bearing scalp and sometimes the mouth, and are not amenable to gluing. The scars leave minimal scarring with sutures.
Not really. A mid-face lift is a procedure that requires meticulous dissection, excision of extra skin, and precise fixation that is. Stable. There are no skin glue or any bio friendly clues that can replace the precision and give you the longer-lasting results that you can get with stitches.
Skin glue. Very few surgeons use skin glue for wound closure work on facelifts. Small 5-0 and 6-0 sutures heal beautifully and leave no marks or scars. They also hold the wound more dependably and are cheaper.
Glue vs Sutures. The healing of incisions is better with fine sutures compared to glue. The inflammation produced by glue is harmful to the tissues affecting the fiinal result.
Not clear answer. The first thing to address is the location of the incisions. A midface left can be accomplished via intra oral or sub ciliary or pre auricular or the prowl scalp incisions. Generally speaking only incision closed on skin can be closed with skin glue unless you are referring to fibrin glue. It it still not clear if skin glue produces less scarring or just less stitch marks.
Skin glue. Skin glue is a substitute for sutures when used for skin closure. In lifting procedures like a midface lift, actual lifting is suture secured and does not occur in the skin. Those sutures cannot be replaced with skin glue.
Rarely. Skin glue does not hold adequate tension and has a slightly higher infection rates. Used mostly for very minor lacerations.
Facelift. The use of different materials needs to be examined. Skin glue is designed to be used externally and would likely not be helpful as you described. In addition the material could cause unwanted reaction.