What do you recommend for intussusception?

Depends. In children below age 4 with less than 2 prior episodes of intussuception diagnosed by ultrasound or contrast enema (an x-ray exam) who do not have peritonitis or an advanced bowel obstruction, an attempt should be made at hydrostatic reduction of the intussuception. If this is not successful then the patient may need an operation to correct the intussuception.
See doctor. Intussusception occurs infrequently, but hwen iot does it affects infants 3-18 months. The hallmarks are abdominal pain that comes and goes and may leave the infant lethargic in between bouts. Bloody stools or current-jelly stools are what gets the parents attention. A hydrostatic barium or air contrast enema can usually reduce the intussusception 80% of the time. If the enema is unsuccessful surg.
Hydrostatic enema. Barium or air enema should be the initial treatment in children less than 3 years. If recurrent or in older children a defect needs to be eliminated as the cause. Often it is a polyp or meckel's. In older children it can be a tumor as the lead point.