What are common asthma triggers?

Triggers... Common asthma triggers include dust, pollen, upper respiratory infections, lung infections, exercise, cold air, food allergies, pet dander, mold, cigarette smoke, etc.
Asthma triggers. There are numerous triggers for asthma. Some of the most common ones include: exercise, upper respiratory tract infections, occupational exposures, pollens (trees, grasses, weeds), indoor allergens (dust mite, molds), animal dander (cat, dog), changes in weather, cigarette smoke, strong scents/odors, stress/anxiety, and NSAIDs like aspirin.
In Children---- As many as 70-80% of asthma episodes in children are triggered by vira or other infections. Allergies are next. Cigarette smoke, cold weather, exercise inducement, are among other causes.
Milk, others. Avoid all milk products since the milk protein causes respiratory tract inflammation. Also avoid grains, lentils. Consume veggies, flesh foods, olive oil. Getting 30 -45 min of sunshine at noon daily or taking vitamin D3 10,000 IU/day and taking a good probiotic (not yogurt) help reduce inflammation Yoga breathing exercises 10-30 min/day help too. This may help avoid the need for meds.
Many Triggers. Some triggers of asthma included allegens (dust, pet sander, pollens, grasses and molds), temperature extremes, viruses, exercise and emotions to name a few.

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What are common asthma trigger factors in a person's home?

Many. The most common triggers in the home are animal dander, dust mites, smoke (tobacco) polution, molds and assorted others. Ideally you can fous in on the particular trigger but this is often difficult to say the least. Removing carpeting ; rugs is a start as well as keeping cats and dogs out of your bedroom. Dust mites can be controlled in your bedroom by using special mattress covers. Air purifiers. Read more...