What can I use for bipolar disorder if I don't have a doctor?

Is it Bipolar? There are several variants of mood disorders that are similar to bad but may be less impairing. Some people have cyclothymia, meaning their moods go up and down over time pretty much independently of what's going on in their lives. Others may have type ii bipolar, where depression is the main symptom, with rare mild mood elevations. True bad almost always nees a doctor's care.
Probably Need Doctor. If you truly have bipolar disorder, it is highly likely that you will need treatment in terms of both medication and therapy. Without consistent treatment you are at a high risk of significant problems.
Track moods. It is a matter of a person's moods. To keep track of your moods, get a calender and for each day, mark down whether your moods are either up, down or in between. Then, correlate your moods with your behavior. See a dr if you find you are suffering or too impaired to function. Those with bipolar d/o have so much going through their minds at once, they can't sort out priorities.