What are the most common symptoms of plantar warts?

Pain. Pain and tenderness upon pressure.
Pain with pressing. The classic wart cause pain when the lesion is present from the sides. Foot calluses appear for different reasons. Pressure calluses from friction hurt when stepping on them. Clogged sweat glands have a dark center and a macerated border, on areas of increase pressure. But wart have black pin point and appear on pressure and non pressure areas.
Pain to look at. Most patients that I have seen over the years are concerned more as just what is this ugly thing that is multiplying, on my foot. Pain occasionally an issue but not the primary complaint.

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I have common warts on my heel and on my finger. My mom went to the store but there was only the medicated remover for plantar warts. Would it work?

Better than nothing. Go ahead and give it a try. Just make sure that you follow the directions, and make sure you are treating a wart. Read more...
Yes. just be careful to keep it on the wart and not to get it on the healthy skin.. Read more...