What are the most common symptoms of necrotizing fasciitis?

Several. Patients may have fever, redness and swelling over the affected area, but pain which is significantly out of proportion to the apparent extent of disease is often a tipoff to the disease and when suspected, rapid imaging studies, usually with MRI is warranted.

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What are the symptoms of necrotizing fasciitis from Tooth abcesss?

Necrotizing fasciitis. Necrotizing fasciitis of the face is extremely rare. Symptoms include increasing pain in short amount of time, more severe than the abcess itself, redness and warmth around the tooth or elsewhere on the body, flu -like symptoms, extreme thirst (from dehydration) in the first 24 hours. Later symptom include violet-colored marks that become blisters filled with dark, bad smelling liquid.

What are the early signs and symptoms of necrotizing fasciitis and streptococcal toxic shock syndrome?

They vary-see below. Initially, necrotizing fasciitis has redness, swelling, & skin tenderness in an often quite large area. Blisters are common, & areas of skin can die (often looking black) in the center of the infection. Fever, generalized skin redness, low blood pressure, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle pain, eye redness, & sometimes a local skin infection can be seen in early strep toxic shock. These are both serious infections.
Redness tracking. On the skin. Fevers. Tenderness that is worsening fast.
Different illnesses. Necrotizing fasciitis may be due to streptococcus pyogenes, but there are other causes. Pain out of proportion to the appearance of the lesion, tenderness, firmness of the area to touch, redness may all occur, but if you suspect this get to a doctor asap. This is an emergency. Toxic shock syndrome is characterized by a red rash often involving lips, hands, hypotension. Again, get to a doctor.

Does necrotizing fasciitis usually cause many symptoms?

Yes. People are very sick from this serious condition and it is consider an emergency. Pain and fever are certainly expected. The person with necrotizing fasciitis should be seen immediately by a health care professional.
Not enough... Necrotizing fasciitis is an infection of the soft tissue that can spread rapidly with minimal symptoms and cause death. Any concern about the possibility of that diagnosis should make one seek medical care immediately.

How common is it for somebody to get necrotizing fasciitis?

Fortunately rare. This is a very dangerous condition which must be treated asap and aggressively to remove (debride) all the dead and affected tissues. In genital are known as fournier's gangrene.

Please help docs! Where is necrotizing fasciitis common and who are its victims?

Necrotizing fasciiti. This disease occurs when bacteria get into the fat tissue under the skin. The bacteria grow and spread and the blood supply to the skin dies. Common causes are injuries to tissue in healthy people. In sick people with damaged immune systems (like cancer patients), there may be no trauma. The disease is quite uncommon. See your doctor for any injuries that develop redness indicating infection.

Went swimming at jax beach 2 weeks ago no symptoms what are my chances of getting necrotizing fasciitis?

Misinformed? Your skin is a good barrier to infection. Did you shower and clean yourself? We do not predict illness. We treat symptoms. If you have no symptoms you do not need treatment.
It's rare. Although there has been a recent case of it. It is rare. It can happen if one steps on or is scratched by certain crustacean that carry the bacteria. If you had it, you would be severely ill by now. Go enjoy the weekend.

What is necrotizing fasciitis?

Serious infection. Necrotizing fasciitis is a serious potentially life threatening infection that causes tissue death (hence the term necrotizing) very rapidly. It is treated with agressive surgery, antibiotics, and sometimes hyperbaric oxegyn therapy.

What causes necrotizing fasciitis?

Necrotizing fasciiti. It is an infection in which the bacteria produce substances which cause your skin and tissues to die. The other lay term is "flesh eating bacteria".
Bacteria. There are various bacteria that produce toxins that kill our tissues. It can be a life threatening condition. One can become very seriously ill in a few hrs.

Where is necrotizing fasciitis found?

Any area of the body. This condition can occur just about anywhere on your body. It is most common in the groin area and in the legs. People who have diabetes, immune conditions, or poor circulation are at higher risk. If you experience skin color changes, pain, and fevers, and the skin changes move quickly, this is an emergency and must be treated immediately.