What are the most common symptoms of coronary artery disease?

Symptoms of CAD. Usually, there are no symptoms of coronary artery disease (cad). Contributing factors include hypertension, obesity, lack of exercise, stress, high cholesterol. If you or your doctor suspect cad, then you should get checked. Sometimes, however, the first symptom is a heart attack or a stroke.
Variable. There are classical anginal symptoms, atypical anginal symptoms, angina equivalent symptoms and sudden death. If the person has diabetes, most patients just feel heaviness, oppresion, tiredness, shortness of breath, opressive sensation awakening person from sleep. Sometimes the symptom is inability to control diabetes. See your cardiologist.
Chest discomfort. Coronary artery disease often results in chest pain or discomfort, sometimes pain in arms, neck, upper abdomen, and shortness of breath. Sometimes no symptom.