Is there any pain involved in an arthroscopic surgery?

Yes. Not all arthroscopic surgeries are the same. Some are less painful while others are more painful. Unfortunately, all involve some level of pain and discomfort. However, pain medicines by mouth are almost always effective at controlling your post-op pain. Arthroscopic surgeries tend to be less invasive, and less painful, and easier to rehab compared to the similar open surgery.
Yes, but depends. Any surgery can cause pain and discomfort. Arthroscopic surgeries are typically less invasive and involve less soft tissue injury so compared to a surgery done thru a large incision, arthroscopic surgeries are often less painful. But, everyone is different even in their response to the same surgery. Some procedures are painful because of the underlying injury and any surgery may hurt.
Yes. There is pain involved with any surgery. Depending upon the treatment involved in the surgery, it is usually mild and is well controlled with oral pain medications.