Is there any pain involved in a dermabrasion?

Minor discomfort. Dermabrasion is useful for improving the appearance of scars. It removes the outer layers of skin to promote a more even appearance. The procedure itself is done with local anesthesia, so it should not be painful. Afterwards, while everything is healing, the pain is minor, and usually doesn't require strong pain medications.
Yes. Dermabrasion is an extremely i basie and painful procedure in which a motorized drill with a sandblasting tool is used to remove or ablate your skin. Microdermabrasion on the other hand is a noninvasive and very safe no painful procedure that has no downtime. Some people mistakenly refer to dermabrasion when they really mean microdermabrasion.
Possibly. There can be but there are many types of anesthetics they may be used. Micro dermabraision is usually only slightly uncomfortable.
It should not. Dermabrasion should not be painful. If it's done too harshly, it could produce some discomfort but usually mild painkillers would take care of it. Make sure to find a reputable surgeon and not a beauty saloon for this procedure so that you are properly taken care of if a problem occurs.
Pain dermabrasion. This is typically minimized with anesthetic techniques during the procedure and minimized with occlusive dressings after the procedure.